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6 Must Try Sex Toys for Adventurous Couples

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 10/28/2015 to Articles

Introducing some female and male sex toys into your lives will add a little variety and intensity that will ramp up your orgasms when making love.

It can be a little daunting for some people when a sex toy is introduced into the bedroom, however vibrators, dildosbondage toys and massage oils are meant to create lot's of fun in the bedroom - and trust us, they will if you're willing to try them!

We have put together 6 highly recommended sex toys that are expert approved and are guaranteed to spice up any couples sex life. Whether you're a first timer wanting to experiment or you're shopping for a new toy to add to your collection, these couple friendly sex toys are sure to deliver desire and satisfaction for you and your partner. Take a look, and expand your sexual repertory today!

1. Minna Limon Couples Vibrator

Apart from being so darn cute, the Minna Limon Couples Vibrator is simple looking (shaped like a lemon) and not noisy (soft rumble) which will not distract from that special moment. It's a smooth, silicone, waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that's powerful but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

What makes it different is the squeezable interface where you can control the strength of vibrations with pressure. The vibrations get stronger the harder you squeeze and you can record the pattern with the setting button, switch to lock setting and the pattern will be saved for you to repeat over.

The perfect placement of the Minna Limon during sex would be with the woman on top of the man (cowgirl position) where it will fit comfortably and snugly and won't get in the way. The Minna Limon is an innovative, customizable vibrator that is well priced and highly recommended for all couples.

2. SXY Deluxe Cross Cuffs

If you'd like to take your bondage play to the next level, then these perfectly bound deluxe neoprene cross cuffs will definitely take you there.

They provide a firm hold for instant control and their unique pivoting action gives total comfort however much you resist.

The SXY Deluxe Cross Cuffs include strong velcro fastening that will fit all who wear them and will allow you to take turns at being in charge. They also come with a D Ring that  has been strategically placed to expand restraint options.

3. Key - Ela Vibrating C - Ring

Cock rings enhance sex for both partners, and the Ela Rechargeable couples ring with it's small silhouette will fit comfortably between two bodies, increasing the intensity of the mans erection while providing your partner pleasure with it's 5 patterns of vibration. This USB - rechargeable ring includes a textured pattern that adds to the stimulation.

Ela has many tricks up it's sleeve, it can be used as a hand-held or finger vibrator, and can even be used with a dildo. It's 100% waterproof for fun times in the bath or shower, and it also comes with it's own soft storage pouch. Ela also comes with a One year manufacturers warranty. Ela is one of the top selling C-Rings, it's great value for money and couples will love it!

4. Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

When you want to take control and deliver some light punishment, the Sensua Suede whip by Lelo will offer a luxurious lick. With it's soft and supple suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, this whip will provide a more daring approach to bedroom intimacy.

It is ideal for experienced and novice couples and is available in sensual shades of Red, Black or Purple. The Lelo Sensua Suede Whip is a stylish addition to any collection and has been featured in Women's Health, GQ and Cosmopolitan.

5. Toynary DN01 Double Ended Dildo

This double ended dildo was made for sharing. It's made of smooth medical grade high quality silicone with a moderate hardness and is suitable for men and women. Both ends are different in design, one end has a smart curve design for g-spot stimulation, while the other end has a ball shape design for both vaginal or anal pleasure.

The Toynary DN01 Double Ended Dildo is odourless, durable and non tacky. We recommend lashings of your favourite Silicone or Water based lubricant.

6. We Vibe 4

Make no mistake about it, the We Vibe is the No. 1 couples vibrator, and now the We Vibe 4 Plus is here to take couples to new heights of pleasure - app included. Couples use it together during sex or when they're apart.

The beauty of the We Vibe 4 Plus is that couples can play together whether they're in the same room or on a different continent. The We Vibe app makes it possible for couples to connect in new, exciting ways. She can wear the We-Vibe 4 Plus anywhere and he can tease and please her from the palm of his hand. It is the most advanced couples vibrator.

The design of the We-Vibe 4 Plus is slim, compact and body-hugging. The stiff mid section stays in place and ensures a snug fit and the curved clitoral stimulator follows her body and gently rests between the labia.The G-spot stimulator sits in place behind the pelvic bone, increasing stability and comfort for both partners. The We Vibe 4 Plus with App is without a doubt the best couples vibrator available right now.


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