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And the Winner of the Best Vibrator is.....

Posted by Administrator on 11/14/2018 to Articles
The We-Vibe Sync has been named the best vibrator in Australia. The 2018 Beauty Heaven Awards and the Daily Mail UK unanimously voted for the We-Vibe Sync as the best sex toy in Australia with the Svakom Amy the first runner up, and here at Forbidden Fruit we were absolutely delighted as these are two of our favourite products and very popular with our customers.

5 Sex Toys So Pretty They Don't Look Like Sex Toys

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 2/23/2018 to Articles
When you enter a sex store, whether physical or online, you'll tend to notice that the majority of sex toys you see and are ready to purchase could be headed straight for the sock drawer or other hiding spots after use for absolute discretion. Well fear not people, we're here to tell you and show you 5 sex toys that look absolutely innocent, and we dare say, you could even have these pretty sex toys out on display and no one would even notice (unless they're sex toy coinnoisseurs of course, then we'd be hiding them)

Keeping the Heat in Your Relationship Hot

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2017 to Articles
Don’t let your relationship run cold by striving to keep the heat between the sheets. Here are three suggestions to help you fan the flames.

8 Sex Toys That Are Actually Better Than Sex

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 5/18/2017 to Articles
We are going to let you in on a little secret that will hopefully provide you with mind blowing orgasms and improve your sex life at the same time. It's only fitting that we share this glorious information with you in May, which is National Masturbation Month. Read on as we reveal the 8 Sex Toys that should be on everyone's wish list.

8 Sex Toys You Didn't Think You Needed (Until Now).

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 7/27/2016 to Articles
8 Sex Toys You Didn't Think You Needed (Until Now).
Spicing up your life in bed is as easy as choosing one or more of these sex toys you didn't think you needed (until now).

6 Must Try Sex Toys for Adventurous Couples

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 10/28/2015 to Articles

Every once in a while, even the most compatibly sexual couples will need to reignite the spark in the bedroom to keep things new and exciting.

Erection Rings And Penis Pumps: Sex Toys for Men Hit Record Sales.

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 3/6/2015 to Articles

Sex toys used to be the domain of women looking for an added buzz, these days it seems an increasing number of men are buying them for themselves.

Why The Best Season For Sex Is Winter

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 6/17/2014 to Articles

It's that time of year again, chilly nights and predictions of rain are upon us. Why would you go out in the cold when you can stay at home and generate some heat. Winter, believe it or not, is the most popular time to get down and dirty!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 2/4/2014 to Articles

There are less than 2 weeks to go until Valentine's Day; how will you share pleasure and make this February 14th one to remember? Check out our collection of sex toys for couples.

Spring Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 9/12/2013 to Articles
Ok folks, Spring is here and besides getting Spring Fever, it also means it's time for Spring Cleaning. We know, you're thinking about cleaning the house.....but don't forget about your sex toys. This is a good time of the year to gather your toys together and clean them up!

Alternative Uses For Sex Toys

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 4/9/2013 to Articles
Did you know, that beyond sexual arousal, there are more and more interesting ways that sex toys can be incorporated in everyday life beyond the bedroom.

Sex Toys and Gift Ideas For Couples

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 2/3/2013 to Articles
With Valentines Day almost here, there's no better time to spoil your partner than with a great gift. Here are our top 5 tips on sex toys and gifts that will spice up your Valentines Day.

Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 12/22/2012 to Articles
It wouldn't be Christmas without a bunch of holiday-themed sex toys to get you in the spirit.

Sex Toy & Vibrator Facts You Probably Didn't Know About.

Posted by Forbiddenfruit on 11/2/2012 to Articles
Like the clitoris and the female orgasm,there remains much to be learned about the pleasure provider that is the vibrator.
""I'm paroxysm ... ing ..." just doesn't have the same ring
""I'm paroxysm ... ing ..." just doesn't have the same ring

Our Post

Posted by Forbiddenfruit on 9/28/2012 to Articles
We would like to welcome you to our blog "Take a bite". We will be posting items regularly to keep you all informed of up and coming products and events in the adult sex toy industry. You can also find us on facebook. We would love for you to 'like' us and become a friend of Forbiddenfruit. Please leave us a post if you have any questions or ideas. Thanks