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Gifting Sex Toys for Christmas, Oh' what a Grand Idea!

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 12/10/2023 to Articles

Oh, the holidays can be a time for all sorts of gift-giving! If you're considering gifting sex toys, it's important to make sure the recipient is comfortable with such a present. There's a wide variety available, from vibrators to massage oils to fetish toys. If you need recommendations or guidance on where to find high-quality and tasteful options, We can certainly help! Just let us know what you're looking for. 

 When it comes to sex toys, preferences can vary widely based on personal tastes and interests. However, here are five popular options that often make it onto people's wish lists:

1. Vibrators: Versatile and available in various shapes and sizes, vibrators can provide pleasure for people of all genders. Options range from classic bullet vibrators to rabbit vibrators that stimulate internally and externally.


2. Dildos: These come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, catering to different preferences. Some may prefer realistic designs, while others might prefer more artistic or abstract shapes.


3.  Couples' Toys: Items like vibrating cock rings or remote-controlled toys designed for use with a partner can add excitement and new sensations to shared experiences.


4.  Anal Toys: Butt plugs and anal beads are popular options for those interested in exploring anal pleasure. They come in different sizes and materials, suitable for beginners to experienced users.


5. Bondage Gear: Items like blindfolds, handcuffs, or restraints can be exciting for those interested in exploring BDSM or adding a bit of kink to their play.

Remember, the best toy for someone depends on their preferences, comfort levels, and desires. If you're unsure what might be the right fit, consider a gift card from Forbidden Fruit, allowing the recipient to choose something that suits them best.



Certainly, there are Christmas-themed sex toys available for those who want to add a festive touch to their intimate moments during the holiday season. Here are a few examples:


1. Holiday-themed Vibrators: Vibrators in colours or designs inspired by Christmas, like red and green hues or shapes resembling candy canes.


2. Christmas Lingerie: While not exactly a sex toy, festive lingerie in red, green, or with holiday patterns can add a playful, seasonal flair to intimate moments.


3. Candy Cane-Shaped Dildos: There are dildos crafted to resemble candy canes, often in red and white stripes, bringing a holiday spirit to bedroom play.


4. Furry Handcuffs or Restraints: Some brands create restraints with holiday-themed touches, like faux fur cuffs in red or green.

5.  Naughty Santa or Elf Costumes: Role-playing outfits themed around Santa, Mrs. Claus, or cheeky elves can add a fun and festive element to intimate moments.


These items often pop up in our adult store closer to the holiday season. Just remember, while the designs might be festive, it's essential to ensure the product is made with body-safe materials and meets quality standards for safe use which all our products do.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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