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Spring Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Posted by Forbidden Fruit on 9/12/2013 to Articles
1. First thing to do is take inventory. What toys don't you use anymore, are crappy and old, or you've just outgrown. The crappy, old and broken toys can be thrown out, or recycled, if available in your area.
Get rid of the old sex toys that are no longer good or that you don't want, which will leave room for new ones which you will use.

2. Next step is to wash your toys with a mild anti-bacterial soap and water, or use a sex toy cleaner to get your sex toys as clean as a whistle and ready to use. When cleaning a vibrator, make sure you don't get any water in the motor or battery compartments.
3. Glass(Pyrex), metal and silicone toys(non-vibrating) could be boiled for at least 5 minutes. Immerse toys in mild bleach and water (1 to 10 bleach to water) which will disinfect them. Sturdier, non porous sex toys could be put in the dishwasher for 5 mins.

4. For soft "realistic toys" and Cyberskin toys, clean them with mild anti-bacterial soap and a damp cloth, then lay to dry. Once they dry sprinkle with "renewing powder" or cornstarch. This restores their smooth texture.
For lovers of Fleshlights, there is a renewing powder which can be used to keep them looking like new.
Don't ever use baby powder or Talcum powder on sex toys, the talc can be toxic to mucus membranes and there have been links to cervical cancer.
5. Always let toys air dry or you can pat dry with a clean and lint-free towel.
6. Remove old batteries from your toys. Batteries for vibrators should always be removed after each use, as they can corrode and ruin the toy.
You should also try to stick to using the same type of batteries for each sex toy and avoid mixing and matching.
7. If you own a rechargeable vibrator, you should recharge it every month to ensure the vibrator keeps the charge. If the vibrator is left too long without charging it may not recharge again.

8. Condoms are recommended to keep sex toys clean and minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria, especially if the toy is being used both anally and vaginally.
Use a new condom before each activity or partner.

9. Toy storage is very important, make sure toys are stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Before storing, make sure toys are completely dry to prevent rusting or mould building up.
Sex toy storage cases are great for storing your sex toys and they can also be locked to keep your toys secure from curious minds.

10. Now that your sex toys are clean and the old toys are gone, it's time to buy some new sex toys you've been craving and embrace Spring Fever.

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